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Welcome on the Szexepil Szalon's website!

Our philosophy at Szexepil Szalon is to maintain and restore your youthful appearance while keeping invasive surgical procedures at bay. We strive to create a natural look that solves the problem of aging. Our highly experienced staff custom tailors your treatment regimen to fit your individual skin and body needs. You can expect a professional and relaxed atmosphere that specializes and emphasizes the diverse aspects of healthy skin-and-body care maintenance and anti-aging regimen. We pride ourselves in the quality care we provide to each patient.

At the Szexepil Szalon, our primary goal is to offer the absolute highest level of lasting beauty and health achievable for every individual and to help you achieve your aesthetic goals as quickly and naturally as possible – with an optimum outcome. Clients can count on first class service and high quality products. As a reference salon, Szexepil Szalon focuses on customized services and treatments combining today's latest technology. Browse through our website and see how we can make you feel better in your skin.

​Sexappeal is within you, show it off!

Dr. Gabriella Polacsik
Doctor of Medicine

Beauty expert,
Aesthetic laser specialist, Engineer, Trainer

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Parking spaces are available in the Tófenék street in fromt ot the salon.
Please note that parking fees apply.

+36 20 763 5001
+36 30 763 5001
+36 70 763 5001


At our salon we work by appointments, which can be booked by telephone.

Appointments can be booked:

Monday- Friday : 10:00-17:00
   Saturday : By appointment
By appointment