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CaviSlim- surgery free liposuction by ultrasonic cavitation

What is CaviSlim treatment good for and what is it all about? Surgery free liposuction via ultrasonic cavitation, Fat melting with radiofrequency (RF), Light therapy + EMS tightening, Body contouring & shaping, Circumferential reduction, Cellulite treatment.

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How does ultrasonic cavitation work?

CaviSlim body shaping aesthetic treatment uses cutting edge ultrasonic- cavitation technology. The cavitation handpiece emits a strong focused ultrasound wave that specially acts on fat cells. Fat is stored primarily as triglycerides inside adipocyte cells (fat cells) located between the muscles and skin. The number of fat cells are given, however the size may vary depending of a person’s weight. The 40 KHz cavitation waves created in the handpiece vibrate the fat cells. Inside the fat cells micro bubbles are generated via cavitation. As the cavitation reaches is high point, the fat cells are blasted, and liquefied. The Rf handpiece helps to melt and further liquify the fat cells, also enhances skin tightening. This liquid can then be naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system. To help the body eliminate fats, lymph drainage is further beneficial. The Light therapy EMS handpieces help to promote lymph circulation and tone the muscles and help with cellulite conditions.

Combination of 4 technologies in a single treatment can help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a natural way.



How to gain optimal results?

CaviSlim treatment including ultrasonic cavitation can be highly effective body shaping treatment. Ultrasound waves naturally break down the fat and the RF and EMS functions help the body to naturally move the fat cells, and toxins out from the treated area through the body’s natural detoxification process.

To gain more benefits, it is important to support detoxification of the body during the treatment sessions. Exercising at least 30 minutes after treatment can help with the lymph circulation also with microcirculation and waste elimination.

If exercising is not your thing, we can offer Super Tone EMS treatment that can work the muscles for you. Re:Shape treatment as an add on to CaviSlim body shaping can tighten up the skin and firm the body, enhancing results.

How to prepare for the cavitation treatment?

  • Please do not eat 1 hour prior to the treatment. Drink plenty of water, since water is necessary to facilitate the elimination of the broken down fat and wastes.
  • Maintain a low calorie diet, eat less sugar, less soda and less greasy and spicy foods.
  • For more comfort you can bring your bikini.
  • After the treatment drink plenty of water as directed before.
  • With intensive exercising post treatment or with other body shaping treatments offered at our salon, such as the Re:Shape, Contour Rf and Super Tone treatments can enhance CaviSlim treatment results, since they enhance microcirculation and lymph circulation.


  • Fever, high temperature.
  • Open wounds, skin infection on the area to be treated.
  • Herpes, history of cancer, tumors.
  • Pregnancy, lactation.
  • Carrying pacemaker, metal implant on the area to be treated.
  • Heart disease, kidney failure,
  • Patient with unrealistic expectations.

Ultrasonic cavitation how does it work?

Is Ultrasonic Cavitation a safe procedure?- Yes, it is totally safe. This is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment with virtually no side effects. No anesthesia is needed. The CaviSlim’s ultrasound energy is designed to target only fatty tissues beneath the skin without affecting the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. 


What instant result can I expect?  What can one treatment do for me as a matter of inch loss?

For optimal outcomes, we recommend to take a series of 10 treatments, as well as keep to the aftercare instruction for more benefits. The treatment plan made for you by our trained professional helps to achieve your aesthetic goals as quickly and as naturally as possible. However we always note that the patients should work hand in hand with the treatment for maximum benefits. Usual results vary from 1,5 -2,5 cm circumference reduction after a single session, still one can achieve more, even between 1 to 5 cm loss if the treatment is combined with a low calorie diet and excessive exercise. Other body shaping treatments offered at our salon, such as the Re:Shape, Contour Rf and Super Tone treatments can enhance treatment results in the means of tightening.


Is the cavitation treatment painful?- No, the treatment is painless. Slight heat and tingling sensation or very slight buzzing in the ear may sometimes be felt during the first part of the treatment but this is not uncomfortable. The detoxifying lymph massage-body lift EMS is quite relaxing.


How long does it take?– Treatment times may vary depending on the area being treated but a typical session will last between 30 -90 minutes. One location can be treated in lunch time and you can immediately resume to your normal daily activities.


What body parts can be treated and on which parts is it most beneficial?  All body parts can be treated. Thighs (inner and outer) abdomen (love handles), hips (flanks), buttocks, upper arm, etc.

Can I suntan before / after the treatment? Yes. Treatment results are not affected by the color of skin.


I eat healthy work out regularly still whatever I do, some areas just don’t tend to look better. That little extra fat does not go away no matter how hard I try. Is this treatment right for me?  Yes. Beyond all praise for being desperate and willing to take further actions toward creating the body you always wanted yet keeping a healthy lifestyle. Our special machine’s modules can operate separately we can custom tailor the treatment to target your personal problem areas.


When can I see the treatment results?Right after the initial treatment! CaviSlim ultrasonic cavitation treatment often has immediate results. Besides circumference reduction, skin tightening effect is worth to mention so sagging skin will also tighten up. Individual results may vary; still clients can experience visible circumference reduction after a single session with increasing results after subsequent visits. However, more significant results will be noticed along the way after more treatments.


I was taking hormonal medication and in my case the doctor told me that the fat cells are between muscle tissues. And as a doctor he can not recommend me surgical liposuction but directed me to try ultrasonic cavitation, he says can help to remove unwanted localized fat deposits. Can this treatment help my problem?

Yes. Our machine has several treating programs, so we can custom tailor the settings to fit your individual needs. It is possible to remove such fat deposits mentioned above in a non-invasive non-surgical way without scars and recovery downtime. Our experience is that visible, long lasting results can be achieved after series of treatments.

I am more interested in cellulite treatment. Is this treatment right for me?

After the initial treatment the skin’s and the tissue’s microcirculation will be increased and also tightening can be noticed and the dimples of cellulite gradually sooth out. Other positive effects such as toning of collagen and elastic fibers, should result in a smoother skin appearance that adds up with each consequential treatment.

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What are the aftercare instructions?

During your initial consultation you will receive detailed information of aftercare instructions. Following the aftercare instructions is STRICTLY your own responsibility and if you do not follow the aftercare instructions you do that at your own risk. The Salon nor their employees are responsible for any loss or damage due to improper aftercare.

If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the salon at +36 30 227 5667



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